Hearing Aids and Accessories

Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to help overcome your hearing loss. At your hearing aid consultation you will have a chance to listen to the finest digital hearing technology. Our Audiology staff will thoroughly explain the types and styles of digital hearing devices and give their recommendation based on your lifestyle and hearing loss. You may have molds made of your ears to make custom hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Styles, Brands & Assistive Devices

With your purchase of hearing aids at Lawrence Otolaryngology we include ear molds and a 1-3 year manufacturer warranty (depending on the model chosen). 

Trial Period

With your new hearing aids we include a trial /adjustment period. This is a 30-day time period where we work intensively with you to maximize the benefit of your hearing instruments.  If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the instruments at any point during the trial period for a refund of the cost of the hearing aid less charge for the fitting.

Assistive Devices:


Most repairs can be done in our office. If the hearing aids need to be sent to the factory, it takes approximately 10 days to be repaired by the manufacturer. For hearing aids in warranty there is no charge for a factory repair. Repair cost is dependent on the age of the aid and warranty status. In addition to our preferred manufacturers, Phonak and Oticon; we service many other brands of hearing aids. We are not able to service Starkey instruments or instruments from private labels such as Miracle Ear.


We have many items that can enhance and protect your hearing health. Please contact us for more information.

Wax Loops/Brushes:
Dri-Aid Kits:
Custom Ear Plugs:

Lawrence Otolaryngology Hearing Aid Information

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